Mystery Box


What’s in the box? It’s a mystery!

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I have a number of witchy items that I’ve carefully stored away… until now. I will intuitively choose 4-7 of those items for your box of sacred materials. This may include:

Handpicked seashells (representing the element of water)
Incense (representing the element of air)
Coloured stones (representing the earth element)
Candles (representing fire, and may be any colour, scented or unscented)
Wish pillows
Devotional necklaces
…and more!

Each order will include a 3-card tarot reading I interpret at the time of receiving your order, and a handwritten note explaining the contents of your box.

It’s the perfect gift for a new witch or pagan who wants to get started in honouring their gods, or for meditators and yogis to focus on the balance of the elements.

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