Natal Chart Interpretation


Discover your deeper self with a reading of your astrological birth chart.

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The charts as I draw them up include all the elements: classical planets, major asteroids, uranians and fixed stars… three of those being things you wouldn’t get in a typical reading from the big-name astrology companies. If it’s in there, you’ll hear about it.

Your chart can tell you everything: how you fare in love, work, family and health. I will do all I can to provide a thorough as possible, highly individualized reading of your chart.

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When ordering, please provide me with your date and time of birth, and the town, state/province and country of your birth. If you aren’t sure of the time your birth, I will use the time I pull up your chart.


A chart reading may take up to two weeks to complete, so please be patient after you have ordered. It takes time to interpret correctly, with the standards I demand for my practice.

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