What kind of weapons ya like? I know Anti likely has a giant knife collection somewhere, You seem the sword kinda type Dark

Am I that predictable? (He chuckles.) Yes, I do generally prefer swords. I find them to be as elegant as they are deadly. A skilled swordsman who has seen battle before makes for a dangerous enemy. I recently acquired a new one, a seax that was made to My preferences. It was gift from a…

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What kind of aesthetic posts do You like?

Aesthetics, hmm? Well, I am sorry to disappoint, but I do not have a specific preference. Every piece of art – including music, literature and, yes, aesthetic posts on Tumblr – can be beautiful in its own way. Whether I like a piece of visual art can depend upon many factors: the quality of the…

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We know You have Your suits and they’re always a classic, but what kind of style do You like besides them?

Thank you. I rather like them, Myself, as I find them quite comfortable. Of course, there are other “looks”. A good set of armour would never go amiss, for example, if one wishes to make an impression and protect themselves effectively. And they are especially fetching on women. Lady Sansa of Winterfell looks quite lovely in…

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