The Signs as Iplier Egos (Part 1)

Aries is best represented by Actor Mark. Aries is the baby of the zodiac and, much like a baby is fascinated by its own fingers and toes, Aries tend to be absorbed with their own brilliance. The best of Aries types are as guileless as a wide-eyed newborn and will always be honest with you, while the worst Aries types are extremely self-centered. Key phrase: “I AM”.

Taurus is best represented by Google IRL. The Bull is deliberate in its actions, and is rarely moved to anger. But when they’re pissed? Well, the words “bull in china shop” fit them pretty well. Taurus can also be extremely stubborn and, when their mind has been made up, there’s no changing them. But they are also fairly dependable and are team players, being content to take their time working on the most arduous or unglamourous of tasks so long as their efforts are not wasted. Key phrase: “I HAVE.”

Note: Google’s most recent appearance was in “Google Gets an Upgrade” on May 20, 2017, when the sun was in Taurus.

Gemini is best represented by Damien and Celine. The sign of the Twins is a signal fire that this person is always of two minds, caught between their emotional and intellectual worlds. The best of the Geminis learn to navigate the ever-changing waters of their selfhood, becoming enlightened members of the scientific and artistic worlds. The worst of them get caught up in a mentality of victimhood, using it as an excuse to be cruel to others. Key phrase: “I THINK.”

Note: Darkiplier (who was later shown to be the amalgamation of Damien and Celine) debuted in “Don’t Blink” on June 19, 2012, when the sun was in Gemini.

Cancer is best represented by Dr. Iplier. Cancerians are the soft, sensitive, nurturing mothers of the zodiac (regardless of their actual gender or biological sex). Cancerians are generally focused on the welfare of their friends and family, and often become a substitute mom or dad for those who do not have reliable parents of their own. Cancerians are also extremely introverted by nature and, taken to an extreme, this little crab may never leave the family nest to create their own home. Key phrase: “I FEEL.”

Note: Mark Fischbach (aka Markiplier) was born under the sun sign of Cancer.






A huge thanks to @weepingredwillow and the anonymous asker who sent in these questions in regards to the DAMIEN animation that was released a week ago. You guys, no doubt, must be waiting for a while to hear him after that video, so here is the first relating to it! 

To weepingredwillow, you posed an interesting question about Dark’s identity that will be answered in a clear manner for everyone. To the anonymous asker, you must have intended to ruffle Dark’s feathers in one way or another, but I think you’re going to be very surprised by his reaction, especially to those claims you’ve made of him. This will be interesting… 

This took quite a bit of time to organise, and the script for this response even had a little bit of help along the way from @melissatreglia. I rarely ask for help with scripts, but this was one of those occasions where I felt it needed a special touch, so be sure to send some love to Melissa for her assistance! You’ve been incredibly helpful with your advice and expertise and I couldn’t be happier with how the script turned out, and for that I thank you deeply.

And to those planning on sending future asks to Dark, I hope this audio will help make sense of at least one thing that had been going around in previous asks. If you have anything you’d like to know, feel free to send it to the askbox and I’ll take a good at it. 

And without further ado, I hope you enjoy this audio! The script can be found under “Keep reading” below.

– Ellynore (Dark/Anti VA)

Keep reading

Very happy with how it turned out, other than a couple slight slip-ups throughout, but I will proudly say that I worked incredibly hard on this piece, especially when you spend roughly 40 minutes recording it and then editing the piece for roughly 6 hours of work time, afterwards, all on the same day after finalising the script. 

I’d say this is going to be added to the list of things I’m proud of making. +1 for PMA power!

You should be proud! You did such a great job, and I’m so happy I could help in my own little way. <3

Your friendly neighborhood Owl Mom stayed up all night deciphering audio tracks.




Here’s the breakdown of the audio in Don’t remember.

0:03-0:04: A voice says, “I hate you”. This isn’t just part of the static. When noise reduction is used on the audio clip, the static is removed, but the phrase remains untouched.

0:10-0:16: A voice says, “Do you remember what I said to you?”

0:18-0:20: A voice says, “I saved you.”

0:21-0:27: A voice says, “We were going to do great things together.”

After this, the music starts picking up. (The music will be addressed in a minute, I promise.) Because the voices are distorted, it is basically impossible to isolate the vocals. This means that the words are partially indecipherable, so we have to use a bit of guesswork. 

There are two distinct snippets.

0:32-0:34: A voice murmurs a phrase that ends in “for this”. The piano drowns out the beginning of the phrase. From listening to it repeatedly and reducing some of the noise from the static, my best guess is, “No one asked for this.”

0:36-039: This one is the trickiest of them all. It’s almost entirely covered by the crescendo of the music, and it’s much slower than the other phrases. Again, from listening to it a bunch and doing the best noise reduction I could, my best guess is, “Are you sure about that?”

0:41-0:44: A voice says, “Go back to sleep.”

That phrase marks the end of the voice lines in this video. Now, let’s talk about the music.

The music seems to be what’s bugging everyone the most, because it’s not the music from Who Killed Markiplier, but people in the tag swear that they recognize it from somewhere. It just sounds so familiar.

That’s because, sike, it is the music from Who Killed Markiplier! It’s just heavily distorted. (I only got this one because I learned this song on the piano, despite the fact that I have not taken piano lessons since I was eight and can’t read sheet music to save my life. I had to practice a hundred times to make sure it stuck.)

The music in the video goes from 0:28-0:42.

The easiest way to tell that it’s the same song is to compare the four notes from 0:38-0:39 at half speed to the four notes at 1:46 in the song itself (”Who’s There 2″, alternatively titled “By Lake Surprise”, by Peter Sandberg.). The entire musical sequence matches up, but that’s the most clear section if you don’t know the song very well. 

It’s the same song, but in Don’t remember, it’s distorted and increases in both pitch and speed every four beats.

All of this put together gives us some pretty interesting pieces of information– the main one being that we have a direct link to Who Killed Markiplier in this video. 

And hey, take this with a grain of salt, but here’s an idle thought: don’t those lines of dialogue almost sound like disjointed snippets of an argument between two people? And don’t we happen to know two people who were destroyed in order to make Dark, one of which used her abilities to save the other, and one who frequently talked about the great things he was going to accomplish with his associates while running the city?

But hey, that’s just a thought. 

Anyway, I’d love to hang out and think more thoughts with you guys, but I’m incredibly late for my class. And that’s kind of problematic, because I’m teaching it.

Think some thoughts for me while I’m gone, yeah?

Some updates!

I want to address some of the concerns about this post, and share some more findings from dissecting the audio.

So the number one concern people have is whether it says “I saved you” or “I said”. I went back and forth on this one for a long time, because it could honestly be either, and both make sense for different reasons. SO, I went back to that audio clip for a bit longer, and it… didn’t make things any clearer, actually. 

Here’s what the original, untouched audio clip looks like:


This is, probably, the least helpful thing possible. 

After fiddling with it for a while, doing my best on the noise reduction, and amplifying, it looked like this.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

The black circles are not precise by any means– those are just to give you a bit of context as to which part represents which sound. Now, there are some differences between the top and the bottom (which represent the left and the right parts of the same audio), which is normal in audio like this, ESPECIALLY when distorted. However, I think this is actually the source of the confusion on this one. 

If you look at the peaks, you can see that they’re markedly different, and the left (top) peak lasts longer. But the more interesting part, which I circled in red, is that the right (bottom) audio has an entire spike that is not present in the left.

This is the part that sounds like “you”. It’s incredibly difficult to hear, but this is something you can try yourself with the source video– if you use only your left headphone, it sounds more like “I said”. If you use only your right headphone, it sounds more like “I saved you”. 

This is why we’re all hearing different things. It really does sound like both.

The problem with such heavily distorted audio is that it’s not really possible to tell which of these sounds is caused by the effect, and which is closer to the “original”. This is, functionally, as close as we’ll get. I still believe it’s “I saved you”, but it could easily be either, so when we theorize, we should take both interpretations into consideration.

Happy theorizing, owlets!

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Okay, sorry this post was so long and I didn’t use a read more, but this was a million years ago, so blame old me. ANYWAY, after what we saw yesterday with Damien, I feel like this is extremely relevant and possibly useful to some of y’all for theorizing purposes. Please accept the gift and forgive the length.

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This is honestly awesome. If you think about it, it may be Damien and Celine arguing. But we’re hearing them talk out loud with the physical voice of their shared body, so they both sound like Dark. ie. It sounds like he’s either talking to someone who’s not responding, or like he’s conversing with himself.

You know, like how crazy people in TV dramas act.


…Holy shit, it’s literally Alpha from Dollhouse all over again! One body arguing with themselves, and they actually contain a multitude… and on the outside, he sounds completely batshit… but then he’s able to pull himself… uh, selves… together and be a pretty terrifying villain for a hot minute.

Here’s an old post from December 2017 where, among other things, I compared Darkiplier to Alpha. (Also, have a moodboard depicting the same.)

So, anyway, the argument/conversation as you discovered it, seems to go something like this:

“I hate you!”
“I saved you. Do you remember what I said to you?“ 
“We were going to do great things together… No one asked for this!
“Are you sure about that?”
“Go back to sleep.”

The Flood


It was so easy.

The girl fought as much as she could, but against Him? She had wrapped herself and the boy in a little bubble that could all too easily pop.

And pop it did. A foolish exercise to fight Him, a God, even wounded as He was.

It didn’t take much to say the things he wanted to hear, and wear the face that the boy blamed for his own misfortune. Then to disappear, seemingly defeated.

And to plant the idea that the boy would be more suitable.

The girl was tired, all too ready to surrender, as her body was consumed by fire and her soul torn apart in the flood of His power.

The boy grasped, fought to surface, but to no avail. The boy didn’t last much longer than the girl did, swept up in the hurricane of His essence.

He took of them what He could use, and consumed the rest.

They were a part of Him now, their bodies naught but a quintessence of dust, as He took control. Totally. Finally.