Hey do you know things? I need help. What are some demons I can make a deal with in exchange for my soul? i promise i’m using this information for writing purposes only

I’m familiar with demonology (Biblical, mythological, and some pop culture versions thrown in). What demon you want to contact depends on what you’re asking for in exchange for that fluffy little soul. Advertisements

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Remember that post from a while ago about how dark!Ethan could easily weaponize his smol vulnerable appearance? Could I request a little thing about him luring someone in that way, either on Dark’s behalf or his own?

(Or I could choose Option 3, which is luring someone for another reason entirely. So, here’s a little backstory on our demon boi Ulysses, aka dark!Ethan. And sorry for keeping this request aside for so long; it took a long while to find my inspiration!) Allurance The road was quiet as he stepped into the…

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At First Light

After sitting on this story arc for awhile and struggling with how to move forward thanks to casting changes, I’ve finally come up with the next part. I promise you, this is gonna become a big one! I hope you enjoy this little part in the lead-up. 🙂 (Detail of photo from Pinterest.) Meg yelped…

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