Hello sir. I don’t remember if this has been asked yet or not, but what are your opinions on the other versions that exist of you? And it’s good to have you back.

hellgod-dark: An excellent question, My young friend. I am gratified by your patience in receiving an answer. I know it has been awhile, but things do come up, even for the likes of Myself. (He considers your question, a thoughtful expression on His face.) My opinion on My otherselves hinge entirely on what should occur…

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Cats Don’t Like Red Hail

sicarious-nomad: Red rubbed his forehead a moment as his world stopped spinning… It didn’t take long, and he quickly lifted himself a portion of the way, hands planted on the ground to help him sit up once he was done gawking at this cat creature. It was dressed in mostly red, dark shades at that,…

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