“I have one, Haewa! It’s always interested me and I’ve associated it with You more than once.” I look through the site for it. “Aha! The Darkness and The Darkness 2 Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary. The first one by SourceSpy91 and the second by Full Playthroughs. Plus…The Darkness 2 Relic Readings with Johnny Powell by Sarin 031. Though fair warning, they’re long at about 4 hours each I think My King. Though, the relic one is about over half an hour.”

I will consider these video recommendations. Thank you, dearest. Advertisements

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“Well I want to know if what I have in mind for You will be as good as I hope it would be. And considering You go overboard for me, I needed a base point to shoot for.” I blush softly, fiddling with the main pendant around my neck.

(He smiles, touched by her thoughtfulness.) You fret too much, dearest. I am certain whatever you have in mind will be wonderful.

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